Buy Bitcoin Cash

Buy Bitcoin Cash

Want to buy bitcoin cash BCH? You can do so easily from this page using the link below. If you visit this page from your laptop or computer, you can also directly indicate how much BCH you want to buy, or for how many euros you want to buy BCH!

You can also buy BCH easily through Binance. Click here for a guide on how to buy crypto currency at Binance. Don’t have an account yet? Then take a look at this page to read how to create an account at Binance as an example.

Just like when buying other cryptocurrencies, you also need to pay attention when buying BCH. We make it a bit easier for you by indicating what you should pay attention to. Based on our experience in the crypto world, we have strict requirements. The requirements we set are:

  • Secure transactions
  • Trusted in the industry
  • BCH cheap to buy
  • Clear
  • Fast payment or payouts
  • Pay with Credit Card
  • Many good customer reviews

Despite our strict requirements, you should always be critical and do your own research. For example, find out which parties sell BCH and which ones you feel comfortable with. It is also important to know what the team behind the BCH project does and what the future plans are. Ask friends and family what their experiences are with a particular party or ask others within the crypto community.

Looking for a lively community with fellow crypto-enthusiasts? Then take a look in the Crypto Insiders Telegram group. Here you can also ask questions about BCH! By collecting as much information and experiences as possible, you are sure to be able to make an informed decision! In addition, take a look at what you need to buy BCH.

What you need to buy bitcoin cash

buy BCH

The most important part of buying BCH is a wallet. This is a digital wallet in which you can store your BCH. It is therefore important that it is secure and supports BCH. You can leave the purchased coins on the exchange or you can move them to your own personal wallet. An Exodus wallet supports BCH. Check out our Exodus article for more information about the Exocus wallet!

Besides that, if you want to hold on to your BCH for a longer period of time, a hardware wallet is also a good option. A hardware wallet is a wallet that you can keep physically disconnected from the internet in the form of a USB stick. This is safer because hackers would not be able to access it. You could physically keep this wallet in a safe. We have also written more about hardware wallets.

Think about your goals with BCH

It is also very important to set a clear goal after the purchase of the BCH. Do you want to hold on to the coins for a long time or just for the short term? Are you aiming for a few percent profit or do you want to double your investment? Thinking this through beforehand will bring you peace of mind. So you won’t panic if the price drops, or be desperate if the price suddenly skyrockets.

About bitcoin cash

Buying bitcoin cash (BCH), the split form of the widely known Bitcoin, is simple and easy.

Why Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Since the ‘birth’ of bitcoin cash, the alternative crypto currency has become extremely popular. For a long time there has been a debate within the crypto community about the scalability of the traditional Bitcoin protocol. Scaling up the number of transactions of the digital currency has been achieved with bitcoin cash.